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Brian Kenny

Brian Kenny

Can you tell us a bit more about Lightscape?

Lightscape started in Galway around 2010. Most of my work was and still is collaborative in nature so it made more sense to work under a company name rather than my own. My work and the work of Lightscape focuses on the transformation of spaces through lighting and video technology.

Are you working on a project of interest at the moment?

The projects on the to-do list at the moment are a mix of live visual design for bands going out on the festival circuit, some digital scenography for a new production ofSpring Awakening in the Lir theatre in Dublin, a week long Irish tour with Beoga which goes out on Wednesday and consists of a projection mapping/traditional music collaboration I've been working on with them since late last year. Finally a big opening ceremony in June with lots of projection mapping and lasers which I’m not sure I'm allowed talk about yet.

Having grown up in Sligo and worked in Galway, how important do you feel it is to boost awareness for the arts outside of Dublin?

It’s definitely important, Galway has some amazing people and resources working in the arts and design. The Model in Sligo does a great job of promoting the Arts where I’m from but there needs to be a stronger support network for these places to thrive.

One aspect of Above the Fold that we're attempting to convey is that Ireland is buzzing with creativity. How has your work impacted upon Ireland's cultural landscape?

I’m not sure ,I’ve never really thought of what we do in those terms. I guess when we do events or larger building projections in smaller towns which might not necessarily have a regular program of large public artworks it does seem to generate an interest and curiosity . This type of work is there for everyone to see and not confined to a gallery or venue. We try and chat to as many people as possible when we’re setting up and babysitting the big projectors. Some people will then follow up in the coming days and weeks and ask us more about techniques and hardware and we would try and point them in the right direction, or if there is a workshop coming up let them know about that.

What advice would you give to someone starting off in this industry?

“Work hard and be nice people“ which I’ve stolen from an Anthony Burill poster (hanging opposite me in our studio).

What Irish artist or creative do you think people should know about?

This is the hardest one as there are so many. I shared a studio with industrial designers Designgoat for 3 years and I was constantly impressed by both their output and process. More related to what I do Anthony Murphy from the Shadow Lab is an extremely talented animator and someone I’ve worked with for years, also Illustrator Steve Doogan, Filmaker Paul Mahon/Geppetto, Revert Design, Sean & Yvette photography.

If we are sitting here a year from now celebrating what a good year it's been for you in this role, what did you achieve?

I've had a Virtual Reality project on the back burner for about 12 months so I would love to finally get that finished.

What do you hope members of the audience will take away from your talk at Above The Fold?

I hope I can get across a bit about my work in general and more specifically the process behind what I do.


Aoibheann McNamara

Aoibheann McNamara