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Aoibheann McNamara

Aoibheann McNamara

You're often referred to as a Creative Entrepreneur, how would you describe the work that you do?

Simply Creative Entrepreneurialism – Creative business – I see it as having a strong business ideal but being open to possibilities.


Are you working on a particular project at the moment?

I'm working on too many! My focus is on Ard Bia, The Tweed Project, and my writing and travel projects. But that can lead to ahost of others.


How important is it for you to live and work in the West of Ireland?

I travel significantly but know that Galway is the place for me, it's so low-key yet full of possibilities. I don't enjoy Dublin or find it interesting creatively, that's just me!

I love to be beside the sea and go to Connemara and the Islands. Galway is so dynamic in a very gentle way, the way that Berlin was in the 2000's.


One aspect of Above the Fold that we're attempting to convey is that Ireland is buzzing with creativity. How has your work impacted upon Ireland's cultural landscape?

I don't think that you reflect on what it is your doing or contributing, you do stuff because you want to and hope that people engage with you, and if they do Great!

It's hard to reflect on your motivation, but it's definitely a pleasure when you might give someone joy or a good experience through the work that you do.


Do you feel it's important to boost awareness for the arts outside of Dublin?

Yes, culture is much richer outside Dublin.


How would you like to see Galway evolve, from a creative viewpoint?

There is no such thing as a future tense here, it's already the place.

We just need to mind it so it doesn't lose its essence.


What advice would you give to someone starting off in this industry?

Be intuitive, use your heart and not your head .


What Irish artist or creative do you think people should know about?

The most significant creative people in my life are Mary Nally from Drop everything, and my business partner from the Tweed Project Triona Lillis. Both are determined and hard-working, with exceptional eyes for beauty – the way things should be.


If we are sitting here a year from now celebrating what a good year it's been for you in this role, what did you achieve?

Hopefully to be able to relax more and do less - "Do less, be more".


Matthew Thompson

Matthew Thompson

Brian Kenny

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